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Fill in the blanks below to add your message. Your name and site will be added to our guestbook. You will then be able to chat with a friend, this requires a microphone and loudspeakers; although you can converse in text mode. Click on the small red telephone icon below and after a short download a chat room box will pop up. The first time you will need to register your alias. Of course you will need to have arranged a rendezvous with your friends and they will need to follow the same procedure. Press the contrl. key to speak, you can do so simultaneously. If you want us to link to your site, look at the "Link to Us" page before submitting this page. Do not forgot to add your URL in full, otherwise the only blanks that you have to fill in are the comments and name section. Thanks!

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If you haven't time to put your views on paper or send us an email why not leave a recorded message (0044 1872 501228) .

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