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This is a private discussion forum for you to add your views on matters of general concern*. Publicise your experiences of Abuse of Power,State Terrorism, Politicians,the Press, Local Government, Multi-national Companies,Monopolies, Super-Markets, Civil Servants etc.

*Notwithstanding privacy laws this site may not be used for spam, advertising, or for distribution of pornographic material. Obscenity, bigotry, religious hatred, racialism or glorification of terrorism will not be tolerated and any post containing such or any other illegal view whether expressed explicitly or implicitly, will be passed onto the relevant prosecuting authority. This site is under surveillance by ICAPASCO which organisation is working with leading ISPs in Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom and the Vatican to ban any person or corporate entity publishing indecent material on the World Wide Web and other electronic media including Mobile Telecommunications Systems. Offenders may also be prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act (UK); after an Irish initiative the European commission is formulating Europe wide Anti-Porn legislation a third draft of which is to be tabled at the forthcoming Heads of Government meeting in Dublin. Following the successful Engels prosecution ICAPASCO has been advised by its US lawyers that any person convicted in the US Courts could incur substantial fines and punitive damages. In Canada legislation is being enacted which will permit offenders to be gaoled for up to 2 years on a first offence, in Australia for a maximum sentence of 5 years. In Singapore the Punishments prescribed under the Penal Code are particularly severe: death; imprisonment; forfeiture of property; fine; and caning. Apart from these penalties, habitual offenders may be sentenced to corrective and reformative training, preventive detention. Recent cases have resulted in 3 year sentences being handed down by the Central Criminal Court, against which it would appear that there is no automatic right of appeal. Governed by Adtelfree webterms. This is a Private site and all users do so on the understanding that nothing maybe copied or reproduced from here, or in anyway transmitted to a third party, those posting material on the site do so on the basis that copyright passes to © Adtel & Partners 2005. The views expressed herein remain those of the person making the post (" the publisher ")and not those Adtel & Partners and the publisher remains responsible for their accuracy.

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