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Adtel and partners Online Privacy Statement

Adtel and partners is committed to respecting your privacy. We recognize your need for reasonable control of personally identifiable information that you share with Adtel and partners. Personally identifiable information is any information that is associated with your name. Adtel and partners uses your information to better understand your needs and provide you better service. To help us improve your experience, Adtel and partners might also track your use of our Web site.

Our policy regarding the privacy of your information covers five main areas:


Adtel and partners provides this Online Privacy Statement to make you aware of our privacy policy in case you choose to share with us personally identifiable information. We take reasonable steps to see that it is followed within our company.


Adtel and partners will not sell your personally identifiable information to others. Currently Adtel and partners may share your information business partners in order to satisfy your business needs. Adtel and partners is committed to giving you the choice of whether or not your information can be used for additional purposes such as direct marketing.

Access & Accuracy

Adtel and partners strives to keep your personally identifiable information accurate. We are working to make it easier for you to review the information Adtel and partners stores about you and enable you, if necessary, to update or correct it.


Adtel and partners is committed to ensuring the security of your information. Adtel and partners will use its best endeavours to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and similar legislation in other countries ouside the United Kingdom. Credit card numbers are only used for processing payment and are not used for other purposes.


Adtel and partners supports industry self-regulation efforts on privacy, If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please send them to this email address: privacy@adtelfree.com.

December 1998