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Barstow Crest

Mary Leader, wife of Thomas Irwin Barstow 1818-89

We welcome you to our family page, you will be able to download information from the various "Gedcom" family files, and learn how to create your own.

How to Create Your Genealogy GEDCOM File*

Barstow family example file*. (To download right click and Save your hard disk)

To read this file and create your own, download Personal Ancestral File, but there are many other software programs on this link. Two of the best known programs you can buy are Family Tree Maker (FTW) or Legacy Family Tree (FDB). However Personal Ancestral File, a free, but fairly lengthy download, from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, can display most of the information shown in the example Gedcom file; ultimately the choice of software is a matter of personal taste, ease of use and the way information is displayed. A good basic product (short down load) for creating your own webpages is Gedpage from Frontiernet a shareware program, only $10 to register provided you use it for your own purposes and do not attempt to sell it or use it commercially.

Barstow Family List of Members - This is an example of what you will see using Gedpage.

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