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Adtelfree in conjunction with LateComers and AdvanceBooking offers a market for letting property, buying and selling goods and services on the internet.

We also host various websites principally for holiday property owners who wish to promote their businesses on the world wide web.

We also wish to foster relationships between individuals and charitable organisations, hence our charity bazaar and calendar.

At the present time a concessionary period of three months is given to each advertiser, during which time the first classified advertisement published on the advertiser's behalf is free provided no costs are incurred in maintaining such advertisement. The operation of this website is governed by Adtel & Partners' Webterms 

1. Most pages have clickable icons in the title bar:

  Infomation  Information/faq
  Add an entry  Add entry
  Search Categories  Search Categories

 2. The following three icons are very important, they will be either next to the
  listing or in the toolbar below:

  open a listing  Open a listing to see whole entry
  open a listing  To Edit an entry
  Home or Login  Return home to see the entry you have just added

3.  You can add your own entry very easily. Compose the content of your advertisement before you connect, then paste it in the text box, do not leave spaces between lines. You can add a picture from your desktop, a picture is worth a thousand words etc ..... No registration is required if you include your name, telephone number, address and email address in the advertisement. 

Step 1  Click on the add entry icon

Step 2
  Add picture; use the browse button to find the image on your own computer
The image should be a jpeg or gif and no more than 400 pixels in width and fairly low resolution, so that it loads quickly

Step 3  Put a short title for your advertisement remembering to include your name, contact details and email address. 

Step 4  Press the continue to review button and then if everything looks right save your entry by clicking on the save button. But you should try and remember the password you use when making the entry if you want to later change it.

4.  We hope you find it easy to put your entry on our site. We have certain simple rules which we ask you to follow similar to those of the Advertising Standards Authority, if you do not abide by them your advertisement will be deleted. Our rules are set out in full in Adtel & Partners Webterms.

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